Support Staff

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Managing Partner – Jenny Davies

Jenny manages the running of the practice and has a wide-ranging role from staff management to finance and business management. She is also the official Complaints Officer. Any enquiries / comments / criticisms should be addressed to her in the first instance. She can be reached by email or by telephone

Senior Office Administrator

Kate Perkins

Reception and Admin

Dianne Hollins, Suzi Pamment,Ruth Hughes, Anna Williams, Debbie Charlton, Sharan Jones

Our receptionists are the backbone of the practice; they are first to see or speak to patients when they first call or come to the surgery. They deal with all office duties and answer the telephones. They are all very nice, despite the ‘stereotype’ of the British Doctor’s Receptionist, but they also tend to bear the brunt of most frustrations and problems so please be nice to them in return!


Sue Dunford

Sue handles all correspondance between the surgery and hospitals, specialists, patients and anyone else! She can also be contacted by telephone – see ‘Contact Us’ page.

Other Staff

The Community (District) Nurses

The community nursing team deals with all nursing matters in patients who cannot come to the surgery and visits at home and in the residential and nursing homes. They also have a valuable role in looking after and monitoring patients with chronic diseases in their own homes. They can be contacted via the surgery or Whitchurch Hospital*.

Health Visitors –

The Health Visitors can be contacted via the surgery or Whitchurch Hospital*. They visit all families with young children and run the well baby/child health clinics.They run an open general clinic at the Community Hospital on the the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month 09:30 to 11:30.


Our midwives run the antenatal care service in Whitchurch and are based at the Whitchurch Hospitalrather than here.  They attend here weekly though to run the antenatal clinic.  They also look after new mums and babies after delivery in the community.


Our counsellors provide a confidential service to support patients with emotional or stress-related health issues.  Using this service can often avoid the need for medication.  If you wish to see the counsellor you will need to fill a form in at the reception desk and the counsellor will contact you.

Podiatrists –

We run a chiropody service specifically for diabetics in the surgery. Chiropody is also available at the community hospital  for the elderly/infirm, but this service runs alongside our Diabetic Clinic and an appointment will be made for you when you attend this. d hospitals, specialists, patients and anyone else!  She can also be contacted by telephone – see Contact page.


Bill and Ann Williams (known as ‘Garden Rescue’) keep our garden beautifully all year round.